mandag, mai 28, 2007

This is the cable routing that Peter Reich recommended to me. Initially the shifting was a little "sticky", but after reducing the number of bends in the cable it got noticably better.

The cable goes through the top braze-on on the main tube, then under the main hinge on the inside of the seat stay, over the top of the brake bridge, then over the outside of the opposite seat stay and down to the hub.

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The incomparable "Butt Buddy". Lame name, but it pretty much does what it says on the tin. The elastomers give almost 1 cm of damping - this won't be enough for offroad riding, but it does noticably reduce road vibration and smaller bumps. I can't notice it flexing much when I pedal at high cadence either.

If I were starting from scratch, I might have prefered a sprung Brooks saddle. But that would have been fairly expensive. I got my titanium rail saddle for $20 secondhand, and the Butt Buddy was on sale for $25. If that isn't a bargain, I don't know!

I did call it "random updates", didn't I? It's been a while ;-)

The Zefal kid fenders/mudguards lasted about 1 month on the bike. The front fender actually worked really well, but must have been knocked hard at some point because when I fetched my bike off the bike rack on the shuttle the fender had snapped off at the mounting point. The rear fender wasn't really long enough, and never prevented me from getting a wet stripe up my back. I had considered adding a little length of PET bottle or something, but when the front snapped off I decided to cut my losses.

In the picture you can see my new fenders, Planet Bike Freddy fenders. So far they've been on for 6 months, still going strong! There's no road spray at all, and they seem extremely sturdy. When I fold the bike, it rests on the back fender. Admittedly, I'm aware of it and put the bike down carefully, but still it is so far resisting this punishment. 2 thumbs up, much recommended!